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About Me

I'm Tanya 'Ann Marie'.

I'm the smiling face behind 'Ann Marie Photography' 
I began photographing under the business name Ann Marie Photography in 2012. Shooting my first Wedding as a 16 year old in 2013. (Wow that seems insane reading it back right now!) My business started with very small gigs, second shooting for other Photographers. by the time I was 20 I was taking on 10-15 weddings a year. 

What does a Session with me feel like?

I am looking for nothing more then to create an enjoyable and comfortable experience for you.

While standing in front of a camera can sometimes be daunting I try my best to make it more playful than uncomfortable!

Instead of spending all of my time telling you where to go and what to do during my sessions, I like to spend more time creating laughter, memories, and a comfortable atmosphere (while telling you where to go and what to do). I feel that this helps to make your photographs

that little bit more natural. I would typically describe my photography style as a candid, light & airy style. But I like creating images that holistically reflect the personalities in the image.

Why Ann Marie?

I'm constantly being asked why "Ann Marie"?
I created my photography page/ business when I was 15.
Given the fact that I was operating a business at such a young age, I wanted just a little bit of privacy.

Ann Marie being my middle name was a way I could do just that, whilst still having an aspect of my identity in the branding of my photography.

Getting to know me!

Fun facts about me:

I moved from Alice Springs to Victoria in 2012.

It was Alice Springs where my photography passion blossomed.
I currently work part time at Priceline with a bunch of gorgeous loving girls and have now been there for 9 years. 

I spend my spare time learning new recipes, soaking in the ambience of the newly wed stage and searching for inspiration for just about anything on Pinterest.
I have deferred my bachelor of Educational Studies to spend some time chasing my dreams of being

a professional photographer! 

Now you know a little more about me,

I look forward to learning all about you!!

Warm regards,


Servicing Towns

Have experience in the following towns! Always willing to explore new ones...

Swan Hill
Lake Boga




Echuca, Moama



Barham, Koondrook


Sea Lake
Lake Boga

Murray Downs


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